About Quebec Weather Network

The Quebec Weather Network was founded in April of 2009 by Michel Hebert of Météo Lanaudière, Saint-Alphonse-Rodriguez, Quebec, Canada .

The weather networking idea comes from Chris Arndt at www.sloweather.com, he is the founder of the Southwestern Weather Network.

Members contribute their weather data to the map on the home page allowing for a clear and live snap shot of the weather in Quebec.

Quebec Weather Network is a great place to visit when a storm is predicted or when you are planning on traveling to or within the Quebec area.

Membership is open to those with a personal weather station in Quebec and member sites can be viewed on the home page.

Here are the basic requirements to join Quebec Weather Network:

Quebec Weather Network SignUp page

We offer a member mesomap for your site.

The map style and rotating data display was a result of collaboration between SWN members as they built their network. Ken True from Saratoga-Weather.org supplied the backend programming that makes it all work.

Weather Network affiliations:

Here is a list of the affiliated weather networks:

1111 stations in affiliated networks worldwide as of 2024-06-17 21:06:09 UTC

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